International Cricket at Headingley: Should there be an Ashes test aswell?

headingley cricket groundengland cricketersashes

England have started their second day of their campaign against New Zealand today at Lords as the international cricket season including the Ashes on home turf gets under way. Their second test against the Kiwis starts on the 24th May at Headingley, and is one which has been very much looked forward to by cricket fans in Yorkshire. Yorkshire men, Jonny Baristow and Joe Root, look to cement their place in the test for the upcoming Ashes.

It’s not only a great period for cricket fans but it is also a great time for business in Headingley. With the influx of cricket fans the bars and pubs are expected to be flooded with people.  Martin Goulding, landlord of Original Oak in Headingley, said; ‘We are opening earlier  than usual and are opening at 8.30 in morning for breakfast. Then we’re closing the bar late at 12 instead of 11. With it being a bank holiday weekend as well, it’s going to be a bit of double whammy.’

Denum Vann, a law student at Leeds Met, said:’I’m looking forward to the game. I’ve got a ticket for the third day, and I was happy to pay £30 for my ticket.’ For the price compared to other international sports you can say it is fairly reasonable, as for an adult prices start from £30 and for juniors it costs £15. If the game goes to a fifth day, tickets are considerably cheap and for last year I paid £10 to watch the last day of the South African test match which I thought gave me great value for money.

So why isn’t Headingley going to host an Ashes game?

In the most recent 2009 Ashes in England, Headingley staged the fourth test of series. However this time round Headingley has been left empty in terms over the Ashes. The Headingley ground has seen some great international games in the past, even The Guardian has sympathised in a article, describing the ground as ‘historic’, and is a ground which is much loved by the players. Kevin Pieterson’s 149 against South Africa last year sticks in the mind, and that moment has been described by David Lloyd as his moment of the last summer.

The ECB announced The Ashes venues in 2011,saying:  ‘Gold packages were awarded to Trent Bridge, Old Trafford, Edgbaston and the SWALEC Stadium. The silver packages were awarded to the Kia Oval and the Emirates Durham ICG, whilst the bronze package was awarded to the Rose Bowl.’

Headingley has been recognised as one of the main cricket grounds in the country and has been given an international test and one day game each year till 2016.  However, none of these tests matches will be Ashes games which is fair to say they are the biggest international cricket matches to be play in the country. It does come to question whether international cricket at Headingley is coming it a descent as other grounds are given a chance to host games. This year Durham will host their first ever Ashes test match,

There are expections of big crowds for the bank holiday weekend test match, however it is the only international game of the year at Headingley. As it looks forward to the one day game against Australia on the 6th September.

For tickets for the England v New Zealand game, you can visit the Yorkshire county cricket website.


Top Five Breakfasts in Headingley

Map of Headingley

1. The Arc
19 Ash Road
0113 275 2223

arc headingley

 The first thing I noticed was calm, acoustic music; a good choice for an early start to the morning. The Arc provides a wide variety of breakfasts, with a mexican styled breakfast burrito to the the traditional English breakfast. I thought it catered to a wide range of people, providing good vegatarian options and even options like the Crossfit Leeds Ultimate breakfast; a healthy option to appeal to someone who cares about fitness. For an establishment you would normally associate as a bar, it provided great quality food. I bought the desperate dan which included sausage, bacon, baked beans, mushrooms, fried eggs, hash brown, tomato, encased in a pizza dough pie. On the menu it was described as ‘Not for the faint hearted’ and this was misrepresented as I couldn’t finish the meal. It was a deliciously filling meal, and a breakfast encased in pizza dough was something I’ve never tried before and I’m glad I did. The quality of the food comes at a price, as this meal was £8.50 and this didn’t include the added value of drinks. However they do have breakfast offers, like two breakfasts for £10 which gives you great value for money. It is well situated in the heart of Headingley, and offers plenty of seating a pleasant environment. If you want a quality breakfast The Arc is the choice for you and I would highly recommend it.Service:8/10 Food:10/10 Price: 6/10 Overall: 9/10
2. Headingley Campus
Church Wood Avenue
0113 812 8400
headingley SU bar A quick trip to the SU for breakfast before uni is always a good choice and their breakfast isn’t too bad either. When I had the breakfast, I was sadly nursing a horrible hungover however this was the perfect cure. I went for the big breakfast; two sausages, two bacon, two eggs, hash browns and beans. From me it was missing some toast but later realised you could add some toast for an additional price of a pound but for £4.09 I thought it was a brilliant value for the amount of food you get. The location of it is helpful and convenient if you need to go to the library and use headingley campus, however if you’re not it then you may have to go out of you way slightly. For a cheap, wholesome breakfast the Student Union offers you a great deal.Service:6/10 Food:6/10 Price:8/10 Overall:6/10
3.The Box
8 Otley Road
0113 224 9266
the box The Box is brilliantly located in the main part of Headingley and offers a great deal of buy one get one free on breakfasts till 1, which shouldn’t be dismissed. Their breakfast options are fairly limited with only four choices; Box Breakfast, Veggie Breakfast, Bacon Sandwich and Breakfast Club. I went for the Box breakfast which included a sausage, a slice of bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, hash brown, toast, eggs either fried or scrambled. It was good, but I would have liked to have the option to have a bigger sized breakfast. The Box offers plenty of room for sitting, and is a very comfortable environment. Also, for the summer there is seating outside, and in my experience it always seems popular when the sun it out. Overall, you can’t argue with the price for two but their breakfast isn’t spectacular.Service:7/10 Food:6/10 Price:9/10 Overall:7/10
4. Tasty!
2-4 Bennett Road
0113 278 8248
Tasty Tasty is a great place to get a bite to eat on the move, the service is friendly and quick. It offers a selection of breakfasts from paninis to a full english. However, I got a bacon roll for a reasonable price of two pounds and I couldn’t really complain. There was an option to have an egg for an extra 60p, and I got to chose what types of bread I wanted to get it in; white, brown, baguette, or seeded bread. For seating capacity it was limited downstairs but it had addition seating upstairs, and a set of tables and chairs outside which for the summer seemed like a great idea. On the whole, I was very impressed with the service and staff, and was satifised with my food. Its location isn’t ideal as it does not find itself on either of the two main strips of Headingley. Overall, I would recommend this shop if you want a quick breakfast roll to takeaway but for nothing more.Service: 9/10 Food: 6/10 Price: 8/10 Overall:7/10
5. Dare Cafe
49 Otley Road
dare bar Dare cafe has a great ambience, and is a classy cafe in the heart of Headingley. The service is good, and it offers a breakfasts and patisserie menu that is all under five pounds. When I went, I chose the all day breakfast and the quality of the meat on the plate was pleasing. It’s location is great as its on one of the main strips of Headingley, but at the same time it is quite as secluded spot. My all day breakfast cost £4.95 and I had a £1.85 coffee with that, so I think a breakfast and hot drink for £6.80 is fairly reasonable. It may be more expensive than someone like the student union but I feel like you are paying slighty extra for the experience and service, which is this case is fully worth it.
Service: 8/10 Food:7/10 Price:7/10 Overall: 8/10

FAQ:Where has Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead song come from?

margaret thatcherwitch wizard of oz

The Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead song comes from the Wizard of Oz film. It has recently become extremely popular after selling 52,605 copies and reaching #2 in the charts on Sunday. However, its success has followed due to the death of Margaret Thatcher, and represents the view of people who didn’t like Margaret Thatcher. Through social media like Facebook and Twitter, the promotion of groups like having a party when thatcher dies and even the promotion of this track, it represents an opinion of British society.

Why was there a celebration of Margaret Thatcher’s death?

Margaret Thatcher was the prime minister between 1979-1990, and has a split opinion in British society. Some she see her as a magnificent leader, who brought economic prosperity to a country hit by a recession whereas others see her as a ruthless woman with little care towards the north and the poor. People were said to have champagne on ice waiting for the day Thatcher died, and where others like the current Prime minister described her as ‘an extraordinary leader, and extraordinary woman’. Colossal contrasts in opinion, however she was the country’s first woman prime minister, and did so through three elections, a feat which many other prime ministers would find it hard to say. It highlights that she must have had the majority of the country on her side, however controversial.

So how did the BBC broadcast the track?

The Radio 1 controller, Ben Cooper, said during the week that they would only broadcast a short clip of the track, followed by a news report about reasons behind the rise of the song. He said ‘There are times as Controller of Radio 1 when you find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place. The rise up the charts of the Judy Garland * song “Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead” is one of those moments.’ This highlights his decision to come to a compromise between the two opposing parties. He then goes on the say, “On one side there is the understandable anger of large numbers of people who are appalled by this campaign. On the other there is the question of whether the chart show – which has run since the birth of Radio 1 in 1967 – can ignore a high new entry which clearly reflects the views of a big enough portion of the record buying public to propel it up the charts. Above all, in the middle of this furore is a grieving family.”

There is the view that this track is an example of freedom of expression, in which people have the right to express their opinion, and if the UK charts inform people on the tracks that are being bought then it should be representative of this. It also highlights how a online campaign can never be underestimated, like the campaign to get Rage Against The Machine as Christmas #1. However, Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead didn’t knock Duke Dumont and A*M*E with Need U (100%) of the top spot which could portray that this track doesn’t represent the view of the majority of Britain.

What does this show about England today?

It could be said that there still are some underlying issues in society today, over the reaction of Thatcher’s death like whether there is a division between the north and south, and is there a huge divide between the rich and poor in Britain. A view which is explored by Larry Elliot of the Guardian. Symmetries between the then and current economic climate could be drawn as the country tries to come out of a recession. However controversial this song has been it has drawn some questions to how society can support a song which celebrates someones death.

Ideas for the summer



From the start of the new year, I began to think of ideas for what I want to do in the summer. I’m not sure if it is the same for students across the country but at Leeds Met we have a huge break for the summer; about three months. Ideas ranging from going to Camp America and doing some charity work inAfrica. However, I’ve narrowed it down to wanting to go interailing (getting a train pass for a month and travelling around Europe).  The ticket costs £350, and I think i’ll need about £1500 to be able to afford it. Let the saving beginning…….